Indoor Croquet Sets

Are there really indoor croquet sets, you ask? Well, of course there are! Croquet, one of the world’s most popular games, is usually played outdoors on a manicured lawn or more often in a suitable grassy backyard. But, plenty of situations make using indoor croquet sets not only practical, but downright perfect to use.

Indoor croquet sets are a great option for inclement weather, nighttime playing, post-meal entertainment with house guests, to practice a bit without trudging outside, or for the kids’ to have fun with, without leaving the home. Many players live areas that don’t have year-round outdoor weather suitable for playing croquet, such as snow-bound climates or places where rain, storms, blown sand or dirt or other elements would obviously impede comfortable playing, if not playing at all.

Clearly, the game might have a “damper” put on it by extended rainfall, and one does not swing a croquet mallet with ease in three feet of snow, especially if affected by frostbite. (Such weather would ruin the croquet set, as well, but the players would be ruined first, no doubt.) Even some seemingly perfect climes for playing the game, such as tropical environments close to the equator, might have times of day that are simply too hot to swelter out under the noonday sun, even for serious croquet players.

Having your own indoor croquet sets in various locations within your home, or at different homes in different locations, provides many fun alternatives to watching TV or videos, and it’s healthier for everyone. Each year, more and more people are getting into the game every day, with associations and clubs already having formed worldwide, and a form of the game unique to the United States building more of a player and fan base yearly.

As many states have variable climates in the US, indoor croquet sets offer fun entertainment when folks can’t go outside to play, but want to stay in shape until better weather is on outside. And, many people are wisely moving into a healthier lifestyle that incorporates activity, to avoid living a “couch potato” lifestyle and suffering its many ill effects, including obesity, slack muscles and that old indoor companion, boredom.

Even more important, maybe, is the fact that having your own croquet set at hand for the kids to use, or to play with as a family, provides great fun as a family unit and is sometimes a smart alternative to other activities towards which today’s youth might turn. While it’s good to know that the kids are home and safe, they might get bored merely looking at the boob tube, and more studies are showing that various physical ailments can develop after extended sitting at a computer, playing hand-held or remote joystick games, so why not get the tykes or teens involved in something a bit more physical?

No, when winter weather hits, croquet is not nearly as physical a game or sport as snowboarding or skiing, but consider the following: one orrthopedic surgeon, Dr. Daryl O'Connor, of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, Ill., reported to HealthDay News that two of the most favored cold season sports, skiing and sledding, lead to many emergency room visits. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics show that today’s popular sport of snowboarding accounts for over 25% of winter injuries, with half of those involving fractures and sprains, and good old sledding results in over 700,000 injuries, with a third of those involving head injuries. Indoor croquet sounds a bit better now, doesn’t it?

Since indoor croquet sets can be set up on any carpeted room floor, or even on a pool or snooker table, they are very flexible in how you use them. Take the Chelsea Indoor Croquet set, from Jaques of London, a family run producer of indoor croquet sets as well as outdoor ones, for over 150 years. Perfect for indoor play, it is a miniature version of larger Jaques sets, and even comes in a smaller wooden box similar to the company’s professional sets. You can get croquet sets on stands, as well, from Jaques, always a handsome and fun item to have at hand for company eager to play.

Natural wooden mallets and brightly colored wooden balls are complemented by self-standing brass-weighted hoops and winning post, so your home will be unmarred while your guests and kids will have a great time playing. If you want to relax after your not-too-demanding but seriously fun game indoors, continue on with the extensive line of games that Jaques has produced for families over many generations; they include Snakes and Ladders, The Staunton Chess Set, Ping Pong, Tiddledy Winks, Snap, Ludo and Happy Families, to name a few.

Taking the game outdoors will be fun, too, as Jaques has an amazing line of the finest handmade English croquet sets and accessories, to meet every budget and style of play. Don’t wait for the good weather, don’t even wait for the daylight to come streaming in the window. Run, without slipping on the ice, to get your own indoor croquet sets, and let the indoor fun begin!

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