Croquet Sets on a Stand

Croquet sets on a stand are one of the most attractive and easy ways to keep your croquet sets visible to friends, and close at hand for a quick, fun game. Croquet sets also come in boxes or bags, but having your own croquet sets on a stand is very convenient. If kept in a hallway or living room where friends can readily see it, a set invites a friendly game without a word being spoken, just from seeing the colorful set displayed.

Having croquet sets on a stand in different locations, say at your regular home and at your vacation house, helps to avoid carrying a set around. While many people like the flip-side of this equation - having a set in a bag or box makes it portable for carrying to a club or a friend’s place - many people prefer keeping the set stationary in one place. This presumes that you have your own croquet lawn, or that you merely set up the hoops (or wickets) in your backyard, as many people do, to keep it casual.

Also, keeping croquet sets on a stand openly visible, and encourages children to get into this popular game. After all, the “croquet habit,” really more of a craze for the fun of the sport, is often passed down through generations within families. The kids see their parents having such a good time, they decide to give it a go themselves and can’t stop, it’s so much fun.

Stories are often heard about kids taking up croquet after their parents let them knock the balls about, and the youngsters went on to become quite involved in the game. Croquet is one of the few games in the world where champions, such as famous English player John Solomon, have excelled at the top of the game for decades, further indicating that if one gets into it when younger, you can enjoy playing throughout life.

Since its beginnings as early as the 1600s, in the form of “palle-maille,” the game has been very popular in part because of its comfortable access to male and female genders. It was the first sport to allow both sexes to play on equal footing, and that’s part of why it’s still popular today. Since so many youngsters love to play, the sport continues to draw young players in every country where it’s played around the globe - and, croquet is played in countries of almost every alphabet letter, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

It is best to store croquet sets on a stand the same way you would store a bagged or boxed set: in a dry, cool place. That way, moisture will not affect the set, and since many are made of wood, that’s important. Moisture can warp a good croquet mallet shaft or handle, and eventually even affect the sturdy balls. However, buying top caliber croquet accessories and sets from a superior manufacturer helps put the odds in your favor, as they will likely use some of the strongest woods on the planet in constructing their equipment.

Look to a company like Jaques of London for croquet sets on a stand that uses top-caliber materials in their croquet sets on a stand, like all of their sets and accessories. The Jaques family has been producing croquet sets since John Jaques introduced the game to England at The Great Exhibition in 1851, and is the oldest producer of croquet equipment of quality. They offer several croquet sets on a stand, either with equipment designed for the younger players in the family, or one for adults - all in distinctive, attention-getting stands with hardwood mallets for long-lasting use.

Don’t let the kids get too big before you introduce them to the game, as you’ll miss having the great pictures, fun videos and tons of wonderful memories. Get your croquet sets on a stand today, so you’ll have memories to treasure for years to come.

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