6 Player Croquet Sets

Thankfully, 6-player croquet sets are readily available for larger groups to use, as more people are getting into playing the game worldwide, all the time. While croquet is often played by four players, it’s increasingly common for larger groups of friends to strike up a friendly game. Having 6-player croquet sets at hand in various locations around your home or homes provides great party or sunny afternoon get-together sporting options.

As most people know, croquet is a game that involves using croquet mallets to hit croquet balls through wickets (called “ hoops” in England and many other countries), with the winner striking the winning peg, or in some competitive and other variations, by earning a certain number of points. A single point is gained by “running” a wicket, that is, by going through it, or you can get two points by striking another player’s ball with your struck ball, also known as a “roquet.”

The version of croquet employing 6-players obviously involves six people playing the game, as opposed to the frequent two or four players. For this reason, 6-player croquet sets include not only the “first colors” of balls to play (blue, red, black and yellow), but also the “second colors” of green and brown. The winning peg will have all six colors brightly applied, as well. Games with larger numbers of players typically involve playing in teams, and teams always use only strike their own team’s colored balls, though these will be used to strike another player’s ball(s), called a “roquet.”

Determining which 6-player croquet sets you and your friends or family purchase (or replace) requires you to know your own level of play (beginner, slightly more experienced, or seriously competitive); then, you must examine your planned style of play as a group (more casual or competitive). The reasons for this are a bit obvious, but require some explanation.

Some 6-player croquet sets are designed more for casual use, and will suit beginners and families intending to set up a game in the backyard quite well. They will often include mallets that are more easily adaptable for younger players with shorter arms, so they might have slightly shorter mallet shafts and less involved heads on them. These accessories are well-suited for those just starting, accommodate fun play quite well, and fit a group that’s not as deadly serious about the game as the pros are.

Other sets, made for players of a higher caliber with more experience, will often have a few accessories to match the more serious needs of accomplished players, such as flags to mark the game area’s (“lawn’s”) boundaries. These 6-player croquet sets - if made by a knowledgeable and experienced producer of croquet equipment who is familiar with the sport over time, as well as the needs of all levels of players - will also include some more sturdy mallets for players who will likely play at every opportunity.

One such manufacturer, Jaques of London, has more knowledge, experience and products available than most in the world of croquet, and with good reason. It was John Jaques who started his croquet company in 1795, and first introduced the game to Europeans at The Great Exhibition in London in 1851, after which it spread like wildfire across the world. Jaques’ company, a family venture to this day, still produces top-quality handmade English 6-player croquet sets (as well as sets for four and eight players), and all accessories, and is respected around the world for its products.

When exploring their 6-player croquet sets, you might start off with their popular casual family or adult backyard set, the Jaques Edenbridge Croquet Set, with equipment more suited for leisure play. It comes in a bright red pinewood box. If your play is up a notch or two and you play on regulation lawns, or you’re replacing a more sophisticated set, consider the exquisite Jaques Ascot Croquet Set. Another hand-hewn quality English wood set, his handsome collection includes three Eton Square mallets and three Ascot mallets, all with octagonal handles for the best gripping and maneuvering; in addition, this set contains all of the best accessories.

As a side note to families, who typically pass on croquet sets to their children for generations, Jaques also has invented and produces many other games. Like their indoor croquet sets, these games provide great options for “family time” that’s much healthier and more fun than simply watching TV and snacking. Some of the games Jaques still makes, about 160 years after the company’s establishment, include the ever-popular Snakes and Ladders, Ping Pong, Snap, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, and others.

So, bring on the family, call up the friends, don’t be afraid to get the number of players up in the group. There are plenty of 6-player croquet sets out there to meet your needs.

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