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Croquet is one of few games that offer so many options for fun and sport. Buy croquet sets, complete with all the equipment, or just some accessories for knocking about, and you immediately open yourself up for fun, active times with good friends, great family entertainment, spirited group play and gatherings, or serious competition with other croquet fanatics - there are many of them!

And, why not? The game of croquet is as popular today as ever, it’s enjoyed by men and women alike, is now played on an international basis...and, it’s great fun. What’s more, it doesn’t cost much to buy croquet equipment, which is often easy to carry, and the game is simple to learn, even for children. Playing croquet shows you're a lively and entertaining person, but one with a bit of class, as the game has been played for centuries in many countries and carries a bit of history and distinction with it.

Simply described, croquet is a game that involves hitting a ball through hoops with a mallet, with the person whose ball hits the winning peg first or upon the agreed number of hits declared the winner. Croquet is usually played on a grass surface or “court,” but there are indoor, tabletop versions as well. The hoops, called “wickets” in the United States, are usually made of cast iron and are narrowly designed to make it a bit challenging for ball passage, and more exciting.

Balls, colored differently for each player, vary in size according to style of game, mallets vary in size for younger or older players, and there are a variety of mallet styles and grips. Colored pegs, lawn manicures or other features can mark off lines of the playing yard, and the fun starts to increase as one player’s struck ball knocks a competitor’s ball out of a clear hoop line shot or out of bounds. The course, usually set up in a figure 8 manner, can make for interesting strategy as players jockey to clear hoops, bump others’ balls aside, gaining points with each move if done correctly, until their final point comes with hitting the winning peg, sometimes called a “stake”.

The hoops can be embedded into the grass quite easily, especially with a good smashing mallet, and the game can be readied for play in minutes, even in a small backyard. That’s what makes it so popular as a party entertainment or a perfect excuse to gather friends for a festive time. Croquet began in earlier forms as far back as the 1600s in various European countries. But, it is known largely as an English sport that had equipment being produced by Thomas Jaques, a farmer’s son of French Huguenot descent, in 1795. The company’s trade reputation as a "Manufacturer of Ivory, Hardwoods, Bone, and Tunbridge Ware” became more famous after Thomas’s grandson, John Jaques II, published “Croquet: The Laws and Regulations,” rules that are still followed today.

Though the early company saw some competitors in its first years, John Jaques and Sons is the only company still making croquet equipment in the original winning style, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of croquet sets and accessories. All types of sets, from children’s simple varieties to striking versions like those of British Raj times and transported in the first Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts, can be bought from the company’s headquarters in Edenbridge, Kent, England or its United States location. Buy croquet sets of all kinds online, and you can be playing in just a few days.

Buy croquet sets made by a superior manufacturer with a solid reputation. Look for quality wood, good craftsmanship and all of the elements that make for an exciting game. Quality manufacturers add in an instruction book with playing tips to many sets, and offer a wide selection of mallet styles and other accessory options. Croquet sets are typically kept in families for generations, as they last for years if they are properly made from quality materials and well-cared for. Don’t wait another generation to get your family playing this great game; get a croquet set now, and see what all the fun and fuss is about.